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What Is Live Band Karaoke

Updated: Feb 7

live band karaoke at icenhauer's

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Definition Of Live Band Karaoke:

Live band karaoke, often termed as Bandeoke or Rockaoke, is a dynamic entertainment form that merges the excitement of live music with the participatory fun of karaoke.

Imagine the thrill of stepping on stage, not to the impersonal backing of a machine, but with the vibrant energy of a live band complete with guitars, drums, and backup vocals. This immersive experience transforms any person into a rockstar for the night, as they sing lead to the song of their choice with the support of a full band​​.

moontower radio live band karaoke

Who’s Providing This Service?

Moontower Radio, located in Austin, Texas — the renowned Live Music Capital of the World — is one such service that offers this exhilarating experience. They invite you to "unleash your inner rockstar on the big stage," providing a platform for individuals to sing their hearts out with the backing of professional musicians. Their service includes over 300 songs to choose from, ensuring that there's a track for every taste and style​​.


Live Band Karaoke v.s. Basic Karaoke

Choosing to participate in live band karaoke with Moontower Radio is not just about the singing; it's about embracing the full spectrum of live performance. It comes complete with a live band karaoke show, scrolling lyrics on a flatscreen TV, and even free costume props upon request to truly get into character. Their packages are adaptable, with the option to add more musicians or specialized team-building packages to tailor the event to your needs​​.

live band karaoke moontower radio

This option allows guests to really let loose and feel like they are singing lead. The backing of the band allows people to really show off their true singing abilities, it’s one of the best ways to bond and build trust with those around you.

While with regular karaoke, the idea always seems to be more fun than the reality. Small private rooms, dirty equipment, noisy karaoke goers, and expensive bar drinks & food, are just some of the reasons why regular karaoke just cant compare to Live Band Karaoke.

live band karaoke moontower radio

Furthermore, opting for Moontower Radio supports the vibrant local music scene in Austin. The city thrives on its musical heritage, and by participating in live band karaoke with Moontower Radio, you're also contributing to the preservation of this cultural legacy. They stand committed to maintaining the city's live music culture, which is an integral part of its charm and attraction​​.



For those who may be new to the concept, Live Band Karaoke bands generally offer an extensive song selection and may take requests in advance, allowing for a personalized experience. On the event night, you simply sign up, choose your song, and when your turn comes, step up to perform with lyrics provided for you—just like traditional karaoke, but with the unparalleled ambiance of a live performance​​.

live band karaoke for corporate events

Live band karaoke, particularly with a service like Moontower Radio, offers an unmatched interactive entertainment option that elevates any event, from corporate gatherings to private parties, and leaves guests with unforgettable memories.

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