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Top 10 Crowd Favorite Karaoke Singalongs

Grab some friends and a microphone for a fun-filled karaoke night! Find that perfect song for your moment in the spotlight. Create unforgettable memories, unleash your inner superstar and surprise the crowd with one of these karaoke favorites. 

Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen

If you love the karaoke spotlight so much that you never want your stage time to end, why not pick this SIX-MINUTE sing-along Queen classic? It's a slow song. It's a fast song. It has drama. It has laughter. This song has it all. Bonus crowd points if you can nail it all without looking at the lyrics!

Bust A Move - Young MC

Get on the floor and get groovy! This 80’s hip-hop classic has the best rhythm to get you moving. Inspire even the most reluctant dancers to get up on their feet and bust a move to this song!

How You Remind Me - Nickelback

Nickelback: it’s the band everyone loves to hate (but secretly loves). Embrace the emo and rock out to this fan-favorite Nickelback tune. Unleash your inner rockstar by showing off your headbanging skills!

You Oughta Know - Alanis Morissette 

Gather up all those breakup feels and belt your heart out with this rager. It’s fiery, it’s fierce, and it will make your ex hope that they’re not in the audience. Bring that angsty energy for a truly rockin’ performance!

Stacy’s Mom - Fountains of Wayne

This 2000s banger is NOT an obvious karaoke choice, which makes it all the more of a hit when you choose it. “Stacy’s Mom” guarantees everyone will be singing along, and who knows… Stacy’s Mom might even be in the audience!

Man! I Feel Like A Woman! - Shania Twain

Say let’s go girls to this iconic 90’s hit! Grab your girlfriends (or guy-friends) and have the best night on the town. Bring the attitude (and your favorite cowboy boots) for a stellar performance.

All By Myself - Celine Dion

Tune up the melodrama with this heart wrenching ballad. Remember this: you’ll never have to sing “All By Myself” all by yourself at karaoke. Extra points if you can hit the high note!

I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness

We promise no one will care about your voice for this falsetto-fueled chorus. But if you are a secret singer prodigy, go ahead and show off your vocal range with this high energy hit! 

I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys

Make it your one desire to relive the 90s! You won’t need to worry about your voice when you pick this song – your audience will love to sing it with you! Grab a friend, embrace the nostalgia and surprise your audience with a duet!

Miss Jackson - Outkast

If you’re looking for a song that will show off those legendary rap skills, look no further! This infectious 2000’s hit is sure to liven up any party. Even if you’re not the best rapper, be sure to command their attention to the chorus, for real!

Whether you find yourself at a karaoke bar like Ego’s or Cutthroat Karaoke, you can be sure that these tunes will entertain any crowd. For a truly memorable experience, elevate the party with a live karaoke band such as Moontower Radio, whose repertoire is sure to unlock some hidden rockstar dreams. Happy singing!

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