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Moontower Radio's Guide to the Best Karaoke Bars in Austin

Have you ever been to the live music capital of the world? Yes, I'm talking about Austin! For those who don't just want to listen but also want to sing, Austin karaoke bars are the place to be. Here's our guide to ensuring your Austin karaoke night is a hit.

Why Austin?

Austin isn't just about live music; it's also about expressing yourself. With the rich blend of cultures, the city ensures everyone finds their favorite song to sing. Whether you're in East Austin or downtown Austin, you're never too far from a thrilling karaoke experience.

Tracing Austin Karaoke's Roots

Karaoke in Austin is as iconic as Super Mario is to video games. With a history that traces its inspiration back to dive bars in New York and the bustling streets of New Orleans, Austin has carved its niche in the karaoke world by providing both amazing live music, and people who love to enjoy it.

Live Band Karaoke

Having such a killer live music scene means that there are going to constantly be bars and venues trying to hop on whatever's the trendiest thing in live music & currently that's Karaoke and Live Band Karaoke. Specifically for Austin, live band karaoke is the way to go if you are looking to get an authentic live music experience. When you take the stage & sing in front of a live band you feel like a rockstar and it makes the experience come alive! One of the best services to offer this in Austin is by Moontower Radio, they offer an all-inclusive package for any company looking to get karaoke going for their next team-building event or company party. Or it's the perfect icebreaker for any private events, networking events, birthday parties & more! Pricing is super fair so be sure to check out their website for more information & to see their extensive song list.

Austin's Vibrant Night Scene

From South Lamar to Central Texas to the Domain, Austin's nights come alive with music, cheap drinks, and the hum of eager karaoke participants. Whether you're with friends or flying solo, there's a spot for you to sing to your heart's content.


Spotlight on Austin's Top Karaoke Bars

Outer Heaven: The New Kid on the Block

A newly opened karaoke bar in Austin, Outer Heaven offers both public and private karaoke rooms, ensuring a tailored experience. The venue has amazing lights & video backdrops to go alongside your performance.

outer heaven karaoke

Seoulju: For that Downtown vibe

For larger groups, Seoulju provides reservations, including a private karaoke room that can accommodate up to 20 people. To reserve, contact them directly with all your details. Don't miss out on their main dining and karaoke experiences.

seoulju karaoke

Canary Roost: A Dive Bar Classic

Located a little away from the hustle and bustle, Canary Roost offers an old-school vibe reminiscent of a New York dive bar. Don't forget to try their wine or their famously heavy pours!

canary roost karaoke

The Stardust Club: For all my South Austin peeps

Since 1996, The Stardust Club has been offering live music on Fridays and Saturdays, and Karaoke nights every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00 pm-1:00 am. Dive into their digital jukebox or enjoy free pool on Tuesdays. Their two full-service bars ensure you're never short on libations.

the stardust club karaoke

This great spot at 510 S Congress Ave combines the charm of South Congress with modern amenities. Besides singing, they offer a variety of food and drinks.

Punch Bowl Social karaoke

The Thirsty Chicken: For the hungry singer

The Thirsty Chicken is your go-to spot for special Karaoke Nights, Game Nights, and Live Music. Stay updated with upcoming events on their page and enjoy their aim to be the ultimate "place to be," rather than just another restaurant.

The Thirsty chicken

Karaoke Underground: Austin's Unique Karaoke Experience

For those looking for something different, Karaoke Underground offers a unique song list that's hard to find anywhere else in the United States.

karaoke Underground

Common Interest: The Crowd's Choice

Karaoke lovers must visit Austin's second oldest bar, The Common Interest, where karaoke has been a hit since 1989. With a legacy spanning almost 50 years, they offer both main stage and private room karaoke. Don't forget their Monday offer: buy an hour, get one free.

Common interest Karaoke

Top Spin: Cheap drinks, near the domain

At Top Spin, sing from a choice of over 80,000 regularly updated songs and savor ATX's finest pizzas and bar bites. Don't miss the best happy hour deals from 12-6pm daily and exciting weekly blind draw games every Sun and Weds from 7-7:30pm.

top spin karaoke

HiTunes Karaoke Austin: Private karaoke perfect for groups

Experience the best private room karaoke in Austin at HiTunes Karaoke. Whether with friends, family, or colleagues, immerse yourself in song and dance. However, remember their terms for a hassle-free experience.

HiTunes Karaoke Austin

K PUB CHICKEN & KARAOKE: Amazing food, amazing karaoke

Austin's new hot spot, K PUB, pairs authentic Korean dishes with a full bar. Experience their famous fried chicken and refreshing drinks and discover what the buzz is all about.


Shenanigan's: So many entertainment options

Shenanigan's is your local hub for karaoke every Thursday and Saturday. It boasts pool tables, cheap drinks, and occasional live music, ensuring a night full of entertainment.

shenanigan's karaoke

Ego's: They do karaoke?

YES! Deemed Austin's Best Karaoke Bar, Ego's operates until 2am daily, offering karaoke from 8pm. Enjoy a vibrant atmosphere with a vast song selection, efficient bartenders, and great drinks. Dive into fun with their big screens, video games, and signature shots.

ego's karaoke

Hole In The Wall: A West Campus landmark

Venture into Austin's legendary live music venue, with Hole In The Wall. Located Inside West Campus, it promises a lively night with continuous live music. Discover their hidden karaoke spot behind the back bar, a space with fun lights and a cozy environment.

hole in the wall karaoke


Crafting the Perfect Austin Karaoke Night

Drinks & Food: From Wine to Cocktails

An Austin karaoke night isn't complete without drinks. Whether you're sipping wine at Canary Roost or enjoying cocktails till 2 am at Punch Bowl Social, there's something for everyone.

Singing in Private: Why Choose a Private Karaoke Room

For those shy souls or corporate events, a private karaoke room offers the perfect respite. Sing without inhibitions!

Song Choices: From New York Classics to New Orleans Jazz

The song lists in Austin's karaoke bars are expansive. Whether you're into Sinatra or more into jazz tunes from New Orleans, you're covered.

Karaoke Tips for First-timers in Austin

  • Embrace the night and the music.

  • Explore the food options.

  • Try a duet with a friend!

  • Don't shy away from the spotlight; karaoke is about fun!

Wrapping up the Karaoke Night

As the night winds down in the live music capital, remember that every Austin karaoke bar offers a unique experience. From the dive bars of East Austin to the modern establishments on South Congress, the city promises a night to remember.


Are there age restrictions at Austin karaoke bars?

  • Most places have a 21+ policy, but there are family-friendly options too.

What time do karaoke bars in Austin close?

  • Most stay open till 2 am, but it's best to check beforehand.

Is there an entry fee?

  • Some places might charge a nominal fee, especially on busy nights.

How varied is the song list?

  • From classics to the latest hits, the song lists are extensive.

Can I host a private karaoke party in Austin?

  • Yes! Many bars offer private rooms for parties and events.

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